Building & Safety Services

Making a difference in the communities we serve

Fortunately, the United States has some of the most stringent building and safety codes in the world. Our homes and commercial buildings can handle most of the moderate earthquakes and high-wind conditions that come our way without being destroyed. Most of our building codes have been developed through disaster recovery and rebuilding efforts to prevent reoccurring scenarios of loss of life and property.
For the most part, building code enforcement is the responsibility of local government building officials who review design plans, inspect construction work, and issue building and occupancy permits.
Infrastructure Engineers’ building and safety services enable cities to ensure that buildings and new construction are safe for occupancy. Our team of inspectors and building officials provide services to ensure that proposed construction and development is compliant with applicable standards, codes and specifications. Services can be provided offsite from our office, or onsite, as needed by the city.

•  Building Official
•  Building Inspector
•  Building & Safety Plan Checker
•  Permit Technician