Civil Engineering

Making a difference in the communities we serve

Civil engineering is truly the oldest profession – having begun when a tree trunk was first laid across a stream to allow travelers to cross without getting wet.  Since that time, civil engineering has evolved to produce some of the world’s most amazing built structures. On a more practical level, civil engineering produces the public works that allow our lives to continually evolve in an orderly, safe, convenient, and healthy manner.

Although we have not designed or built any of the world’s wonders, Infrastructure Engineers provides excellence in civil engineering that can make a world of difference to some of the communities we serve.

We take great pride in a job well done, whether it is street design and rehabilitation or replacement of sewer mainlines. Our clients realize the benefits of good, sound engineering that leads to well-constructed infrastructure.

We provide a broad range of civil engineering design services that are particularly tailored to meet the needs of cities, to help them maintain a safe and comfortable environment for their communities.

•  Master Planning
•  Roadways and Streets
•  Street Beautification
•  Pavement Rehabilitation
•  Grading & Earthwork Analysis
•  Hydrology & Hydraulic Studies
•  Erosion & Sedimentation
•  Street Lighting

•  ADA Compliance
•  Utilities
•  Storm Drains
•  Water Systems
•  Sanitary Sewer Systems
•  Lift & Pump Stations
•  Parks & Recreational Facilities
•  Parking Lots