Ray Abassi, PE, TE, QSD - Principal

Making a difference in the communities we serve

Raymond Abassi, MSCe, PE, TE, QSP/QST
Mr. Abassi has over 35 years of experience in the field of engineering and architecture, working with a multitude of government agencies, large corporation and private clients to create a positive change in our infrastructure. He has been instrumental in bringing to fruition many regional and well-known projects. His focus in life is to “Make a Difference in the communities served.” He has been involved in creating new facilities including many municipal facilities, city parks, streets, athletic fields and the like. He received his bachelor’s in Florida and his master’s at the Cal State Long Beach, specializing in several engineering fields. He has received his professional registration in the field of Civil and Traffic Engineering from the State of California. He also holds the registration in Stormwater Management. His goal has always been to create a positive change anywhere he is involved professionally. He is specially fund of projects that challenge his and his staff abilities. Creating a positive environment is one of his goals in life and he has been instrumental in providing opportunities to the deserving professionals that their talent otherwise would have gone unnoticed. Me. Abassi is involved in multiple organizations to help create better facilities and infrastructure to leave the world a better place than when he found it.