Traffic Engineering

Making a difference in the communities we serve

Humankind has dealt with traffic jams since the time when too many people, horses, and wagons tried to maneuver through dirt paths that could not handle the capacity. The first accounts of traffic control come from early Rome, when too many chariots clogged streets, causing the government to make certain areas off limits to all vehicles except for those belonging to officials and high-ranking citizens. The first traffic control devices reportedly came into use in the 1860s, when railroad signals were used to control traffic in London.
Infrastructure Engineers has perfected the art of traffic control. Our firm was founded by a traffic engineer and this discipline still remains one of our core services.
Infrastructure Engineers’ extensive traffic engineering knowledge base, sharply-honed technical skills, and decades of combined experience makes us invaluable to our client cities as we help them to keep Southern California moving. Our traffic engineers are known for their innovation and effective approaches and for providing exceptional value and cost effective services.

Traffic Studies:
•  Speed Survey
•  CEQA & Impact Studies (EIR)
•  Traffic Circulation Studies
•  Project Reports & Project Study Reports
•  Calming Studies
•  Traffic Control & Detour Plans
•  Traffic & Transportation Feasibility
•  Safety Studies
•  Rail Grade Crossing
•  School Route Analysis

Traffic Engineering Design:
•  Traffic Signal and System Design
•  Interconnect Design
•  Signing & Striping
•  ITS Design and Implementation
Transportation Planning:
•  Local Transportation
•  Regional Transportation
•  Multi-Modal Transportation Plans