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About The Project

Adelanto Senior Center
Client: City of Adelanto Location: Adelanto
Year: 2022 Area: 16,000 SF

Welcome to a pioneering Senior Center where sustainability and thoughtful design converge to create an environment dedicated to enriching the lives of seniors. Anchored by a central hexagonal structure and enhanced by innovative features like windcatchers, this architectural marvel prioritizes energy efficiency and comfort.
Within this vibrant space, residents are treated to a multitude of amenities tailored to promote holistic well-being. From a welcoming restaurant offering nutritious meals to a lively game room fostering social connections, every aspect of the center is meticulously crafted with seniors’ needs in mind. The centerpiece, a spherical amphitheater, serves as a hub for cultural enrichment and entertainment, adding a touch of elegance to the community.
As visitors approach the inviting entrance, they are greeted by a tranquil water feature, setting the tone for a serene and rejuvenating experience. Outdoor shaded areas provide opportunities for relaxation amidst nature’s beauty, while movable ceilings and walls offer flexibility to adapt to changing preferences. Embrace a new era of senior living at this innovative center, where sustainability meets comfort and community thrives.