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About The Project

Recreation and transit Center of Lynwood
Client: City of Lynwood Location: Lynwood
Year: 2024 Area: 25,000 SF

Step into a realm of architectural brilliance where functionality intertwines seamlessly with captivating design. This two-story marvel stands as a testament to innovation, boasting a multifunctional array of facilities within its sleek structure. Its façade, adorned with two striking spheres reminiscent of Earth, immediately captivates the eye and hints at the ingenuity within.

Inside, the magic unfolds with each space meticulously crafted to inspire and engage. From the transformative multi-purpose room, nestled within one of the spheres and offering panoramic views of the sky, to the array of amenities spanning gym, classroom, music hall, and more, every corner invites exploration. These spheres not only add futuristic elegance but also enhance functionality, symbolizing a convergence of form and purpose. Welcome to a world where architectural brilliance meets practicality, inviting you to immerse yourself in a space where imagination knows no bounds.