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About The Project

Magnolia Crossing Residential Complex
Client: Private Developer Location: Riverside
Year: 2022 Area: 200,000 SF

Nestled within its natural environment, this three-story residential complex epitomizes a harmonious fusion of contemporary design and environmental consciousness. Seamlessly aligned with the prevailing wind direction, the structure boasts a captivating interplay of straight and curve lines, presenting a visually striking facade that embodies modern sophistication. With 146 units ranging from 1 to 3 bedrooms, the complex caters to diverse lifestyles, ensuring comfort and convenience for all residents.

Within this serene oasis, an array of amenities awaits, including a refreshing swimming pool, invigorating sauna, luxurious jacuzzi, and welcoming club house. Each unit offers balconies and pergolas, providing intimate outdoor spaces for relaxation and contemplation. Embrace the epitome of modern living amidst nature’s embrace, where luxury meets sustainability, promising a sanctuary of tranquility amidst the urban bustle.